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*Floriane Alice Raymonde Lallement*, also known as Flo Alice or Fleur Sana, is a singer-songwriter, actress, musician, composer, model, and dancer. Born on November 5, 1986, in Aix-en-Provence, France, she currently resides in Noth-Wales.

Floriane is a multi-talented artist fluent in English and French, with proficiency in Spanish and Welsh and experience singing in 23 languages. 


Floriane commenced her artistic journey in 1992 at the Mistlav Rostropovitch school in Cogolin, exploring piano and nurturing her vocal abilities. Simultaneously, she began modern jazz dance classes. In 1998, Floriane initiated her bass guitar journey with Jean-Philippe Siffredi and delved into Cuban percussion as an autodidact.

Transitioning to Marseille in 2007-2008, Floriane pursued studies in Music Production and Sound Engineering at the Centre Professionel des Metiers du Son. This period was followed by traditional music studies at the Conservatory of Rouen in 2008-2009.

In 2011, Floriane engaged in professional music training at Pro Musica in Vaucluse (2010-2011), encompassing singing, double bass, composing, musical analysis, and music production.

Expanding her artistic pursuits in 2012, Floriane undertook acting training at "Théâtre du T.R.A.C" in Baume de Venise. Subsequent years witnessed the attainment of a Diploma in Music Teaching from Montessori (FFPMI) in 2015.

From 2012 to 2013, Floriane explored opera singing at the Conservatory of Marseille. In 2017, she initiated professional musical theatre training in Paris with "Les Innomables."

Continuing her dance training from 2019 to 2021, Floriane refined her kinetic expression at Pineapple Dance Studio and Base Dance Studio.


Floriane's multifaceted career spans music, acting, modeling, dance, sound and light engineering, music production, and teaching.


She began her journey in the industry in 2007 as a sound and light technician, working at venues such as the Opera de Menton, various festivals, and co-managing a recording studio. Transitioning to her passion for music, Floriane started her singing career in 2009 as a singer/percussionist with the world music band Joulik, releasing her debut EP, "A doux pas." Following four years of artistic exploration, she founded Fleur Sana (originally Fleur Experience) in 2012, producing five EPs. Motivated by a desire for autonomy and creative expression, she established her own record company, Blume Production, which she managed for six years.


In addition to her solo endeavors, Floriane collaborated with diverse musical groups, including playing bass in the flamenco band Piel Canela, singing in the Occitan a cappella ensemble Les Dane's de la Joliette, playing accordion and vocals in the Balkan trio Yam, and delving into Brazilian music with the duo Welker/Sana.


In 2016, she relocated to Paris, where she worked with producer Fred Tanari on her EP, earning recognition as a finalist in the Virgin Contest. Floriane also expanded into music production for advertisements and documentaries.


By 2018, Floriane had settled in London, broadening her interests to encompass dance, acting, and modeling. She refined her jazz singing skills, frequently performing at venues like Jazz After Dark in Soho. Her modeling portfolio includes collaborations with esteemed brands such as L'Oréal Paris and appearances in various advertisements, short films, theater productions, and movies. Additionally, she contributed as a dancer for both film and commercial projects.


Alongside her artistic pursuits, Floriane has played a pivotal role as an educator, conducting workshops and classes for diverse age groups in music, dance, and songwriting.


Despite grappling with health challenges, Floriane relocated to North Wales in 2022, where she is currently immersed in the creation of her debut album. Anticipated for 2024, she will release a double-track single featuring "I Will Find," tackling the complexities of modern dating, and "Baby It's Friday," a vibrant party anthem.


Floriane's unwavering dedication to her craft and her mission to inspire and uplift others through her artistic endeavors solidify her as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry


Floriane's maternal grandfather, Francis Jacques (born Jacques Dormet), was a renowned French championship boxer and military officer, recognized for his valor and awarded the prestigious "La Légion d'Honneur." He emphasized the importance of learning English to Floriane, influencing her decision to reside in the UK.


On Floriane's father's side, her paternal grandfather, Fernand Lallement, was a celebrated ballet dancer and choreographer at the Opéra de Paris, Liege, and Toulouse, who later established a renowned dance school. Floriane's father excelled in martial arts, particularly Judo, Jujutsu, Karate, and Aikido, and she often accompanied him to Aikido classes. He later became a Buddhist monk and continues to guide her with wisdom to this day. Additionally, Floriane's father is a musician who played clarinet when she was a child and later learned to play the piano. He is also a collector of vinyl records, boasting a collection of 10,000 vinyls featuring bel canto, opera, and classical music.


Floriane's mother, a Tai Chi Chuan teacher and writer, developed her own technique similar to Feng Shui, focusing on self-discovery through one's living environment.


Collectively, Floriane's family's diverse talents and achievements have shaped her own journey, instilling in her a deep appreciation for artistry, discipline, and self-expression.

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